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Hi, I'm Dr. Joseph Kim, known as @DrJosephKim in the digital world. I'm a physician (by training) and a business executive (by profession), a technology geek (just ask my wife), and a fitness fanatic who enjoys running, cycling, swimming, high intensity interval training, strength training, and I get my cardio by keeping up with my very active kids.

On this website, I'll be writing about a wide variety of fitness technology and gadgets that are designed to make us live healthier lives. I've always been an active person, but I recently reached a new level of physical fitness after I started regularly wearing activity trackers and strapping a heart rate monitor to my chest when exercising.

I received a BS in engineering from MIT, an MD from the University of Arkansas College of Medicine, an MPH from UMass Amherst School of Public Health, and an MBA from St. Joseph's University.

As technology advances, people are gaining access to tools and digital support groups that are helping them sustain positive health behavior changes. Want to know what doctors think about these fitness gadgets? Join me on FitnessTechMD.com.

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