Thursday, December 26, 2013

I'm wearing an activity tracker on every limb

For the past few weeks, as I have been testing different wearable activity trackers, I have tried different combinations of wearing these trackers simultaneously. I'm been wearing an activity tracker on each wrist and each ankle. My ankles are small enough that the wrist bands on some of my activity trackers will fit right above my ankle bones. I also have a few activity trackers clipped to my waist or pocket if they come with that option. Some activity trackers are specifically designed for the wrist while others come with flexible wearing options. Here's what I have now:

  • On my left wrist, I'm wearing a Polar Loop. This device fits like a watch and you cut the band to customize the fit. Once I size the Loop to my wrist, it won't fit on my ankle.
  • On my right wrist, I'm wearing a Nike+ FuelBand. This device isn't flexible and comfortable enough for me to wear on my ankles, even if I add the spacers. 
  • On my right ankle, I'm wearing a Misfit Shine on a band. I could also put this on a clip and clip it to my socks or shoes.
  • On my left ankle, I'm wearing the Bowflex Boost. 

On my waist, I  have my original Fitbit tracking my steps. I also have a Fitbut Orb clipped to my pocket to measure my activity.

Stay tuned as I write detailed reviews on each of these units.

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