Monday, February 3, 2014

Will we see Reebok CHECKLIGHT in the next Super Bowl?

Now that the Super Bowl is over, people may be thinking about next year. Who's going to make it to the big game? I'm wondering whether players will be wearing the MC10 + Reebok CHECKLIGHT so that we can see how hard those hits are affecting their heads. Imagine if we could visualize the force of those impacts on a mini dashboard that appears on the bottom of your television set. Maybe the data shows up on a mobile app.

CHECKLIGHT is an impact indicator that is worn on the head. It fits under a football helmet and the little indicator light hangs on a tag that you can visualize below the edge of a helmet.

Here is a short little video explaining how the impact indicator will indicate when the device has sustained an impact above a certain threshold. The device is made up of three parts: 1) an electronic unit, 2) a skullcap and 3) a power cord to recharge the battery.

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