Monday, April 20, 2015

Polar V800 now supports Smart Notifications on iOS

The Polar V800 now supports smart notifications for iOS devices (Android support is coming later this year). The V800 is a really nice GPS-enabled, Bluetooth-connected fitness watch that also has a built-in activity and sleep tracker. What do I like most about the V800? It's waterproof for swimming and the battery usually lasts more than a week (depending on how you use it, the battery may last 15 hrs or 30 days). I'm curious to see what will happen to battery life once you enable smart notifications.

According to Polar:

With the Smart Notifications you’ll get the same notifications on your Polar device that you get on your phone screen. You can receive notifications from incoming calls and messages but also from social media and other applications. You even get reminded about the appointments in your calendar so you’ll always be on time.

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