Saturday, June 20, 2015

Support students riding in the Texas 4000 - Austin to Anchorage

What's the longest annual charity bike ride in the world? The Texas 4000. It's a 70-day ride that starts in Austin, Texas and goes all the way up to Anchorage, Alaska. The bike team splits on Day #Two into 3 distinct routes: Sierra, Rockies, and Ozarks. Then, the team reunites in Canada to ride the last nine days together into Anchorage. Each rider logs more than 4,000 riding miles throughout the course of the ride.

The Texas 4000 awards grants to organizations with a focus on cancer research or cancer support services.

Texas 4000’s mission is to cultivate student leaders and engage communities in the fight against cancer.

Every year Texas 4000 competitively selects University of Texas students for an 18-month program designed to cultivate the next generation to lead the fight against cancer. Texas 4000 empowers each student to raise $4,500, ride 1,500 training miles with his/her team, volunteer more than 50 hours in the community, and play an active role in planning every aspect of the ride to Alaska by attending weekly meetings and taking leadership positions within the team.

As a result of their full experience, Texas 4000 riders report growth and increased skills in the areas of physical fitness, leadership, accountability, confidence, resiliency, decision-making, conflict resolution, cancer advocacy, community engagement, volunteerism, fundraising, networking, mentorship, nonprofit operations, bike maintenance, nutrition, public speaking, interviewing, time management, teamwork, and more.

There's still an opportunity to support students riding in the Texas 4000 by visiting:

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