Thursday, January 21, 2016

Are you still wearing that activity tracker you got for Christmas?

In 2015, wearable fitness/activity trackers were very popular gifts. In fact, they were so popular that Fibit became the #1 app on the Apple App Store right after Christmas.

Surveys have shown that the average person will use a wearable fitness device for approximately 3 months. Some will lose their device. Others will lose motivation to wear it. A few will see the health benefits and persist beyond 3 months.

We're almost 2 months out from Christmas. The gyms are still packed with people who are trying to stick with their New Years resolutions. Some have made resolutions that involved dusting off and recharging the old activity tracker that had been sitting in their drawer.

I went away from wearing a dedicated activity tracker in the early part of 2015 and moved to wearing different types of smartwatches that have built-in activity tracking. So, whether I'm wearing Android Wear or a Polar V800, I'm still capturing my activity level and beaming that data to the cloud.

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