Friday, January 20, 2017

Garmin fenix 5 - the smartwatch for serious fitness users

The new Garmin fenix 5 comes in 3 case sizes:
  • 42 mm
  • 47 mm
  • 51 mm
Garmin has essentially taken the successes of the fenix 3 and extended the fitness smartwatch to a wider audience. Unlike the Apple Watch or Android Wear, the Garmin fenix 5 does not have a touch screen. It also does not have a microphone.

The fenix 5 is meant for serious fitness users who need a robust, water resistant (100 meters) watch that has extended battery life. The wrist-based heart rate eliminates the need for a chest strap. The fenix 5 is positioned as a "premium" multisport GPS watch that starts at $599 and goes all the way up to $850.

Garmin will be expanding its ecosystem of apps through its Connect IQ store.

Nixon and Casio have released rugged Android Wear watches that are water resistant, but relatively short battery life still remains a limiting factor. With the release of Android Wear 2.0, we're going to see more smartwatches that have cellular capabilities.

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