Friday, September 1, 2017

Samsung Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro finally waterproof for swimming!

When Samsung released their Gear S3, I thought that IP68 meant that these were waterproof for swimming. Although IP68 means "maximum depth of 1.5m. for up to 30 minutes," I guess it doesn't mean swimming.

Well, Samsung has finally caught up with some other truly fitness-focused wearables with their latest Gear Sport and Gear Fit2 Pro.

While the Gear Sport may resemble the Gear S3, it's smaller and is waterproof for swimming.

The Gear Fit2 Pro may look just like the Gear Fit2, but it's also waterproof for swimming.

These new Samsung wearable devices are rated at 5 ATM for swimming. At last, the next generation of wearables are finally being released with enough water resistance for a few laps in the pool!

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