Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Fitness trackers maturing to replace watches

It seems that every year, we see a exponential increase in the number of people wearing fitness trackers. Most of them are using their wearables as watches. Fitness trackers have finally matured to the point of replacing watches. Occasionally, I may still see someone who wears a watch and a separate fitness tracker. 

By far, the most popular device today is the Apple Watch. This trendy device has also reached a level of functionality that leads people to wear it continuously. I don't mean they necessarily sleep with it (since the battery life on the Apple Watch is still fairly limited). Apple Watch users don't abandon their devices after a few weeks or months. 

Many Fitbit and Garmin users wear their devices continuously and sleep with them. The longer battery life allows them to track their sleep, wake up to a gentle wrist vibrating alert, and jump right into the shower without taking the tracker off their wrist. By tracking sleep, you can also see what your heart rate does at night. 

While activity trackers were originally designed to motivate people to exercise, they can also provide useful sleep insights that can help people get better rest and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. 

The next evolution of activity trackers will include better battery life, more water resistance, and greater style options.  

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