Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trying minimalist and maximalist running shoes

Confused about minimalist vs. maximalist running shoes? What's the best way to reduce running injuries? To run in thin shoes with no padding? Thick shoes with much padding? Is it about the heel drop? Is a "zero drop" shoe safer for running? Does it really matter whether you land on your toes, midfoot, or heel?

I've been trying all types of running shoes this year and experimenting with various feet "landing" positions. I have some running shoes that have very little heel-toe drop and others that follow a more traditional, thick heel padding design. I tend to land midfoot when I run, so I personally prefer a shoe that has minimal heel-toe drop. I also maintain a short stride length and a high cadence (which I believe is the real "secret" to avoiding running injuries).

I plan to run my next half-marathon wearing a pair of Skechers Go Run Ultra. These shoes offer maximum cushion, a 4 mm or 8 mm heel-toe drop (depending on the insole that you use), and are very light. They're designed to promote a midfoot strike, so they feel very natural.  

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