Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fitbit Surge a GPS smartwatch activity tracker HR monitor

There are rumors that Fitbit will be launching a GPS smartwatch + activity tracker + heart rate (HR) monitor. It's called the Fitbit Surge and it will be aimed at runners and other fitness enthusiasts who are willing to spend $250 for a superwatch that combines just about every feature you'd want in a wearable fitness device. We don't know how long the battery will last or about water resistance (if you can't swim with it, I probably won't wear it).

Rumors also suggest that Fitbit will be releasing a new wearable activity tracker (without the GPS) called the Charge and Charge HR. These days, wrist-based optical HR sensing technology seems to be getting ubiquitous. The Charge will be the Fitbit Force - reborn (and presumably with no nickel so that no one develops an allergic skin reaction to the metal).

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