Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Jawbone announces new wearable fitness trackers

Jawbone recently announced 2 new wearable fitness trackers:

The UP Move is a round tracker that can be worn on a wrist strap or a clip. It's selling for $49.99 and uses a CR2032 coin battery for power and wireless Bluetooth sync. Reminds me of the Misfit Shine or Misfit Flash. The UP Move comes in various color combinations.

The UP3 is their most advanced tracker and for $179.99, you get a wearable tracker that incorporates all the features of the UP24 and then adds advanced tracking capabilities through bio-impedance sensors (heart rate, respiration, galvanic skin response), skin temperature, ambient temperature, and does all this in a package that is water resistant to 10 meters (so OK for swimming). The UP3 will provide more sophisticated data when you're exercising and when you're sleeping.

It looks like the UP3 won't use a typical LCD display for notifications. Instead, it uses colored LEDs that flash. Also, other advanced fitness trackers use an optical heart rate monitor, so the UP3 is one of the first that uses a bio-impedance sensor for HR tracking. To me, the UP3 seems like it's designed for those who are more fashion-minded, and so it does not sport the typical "utilitarian" approach used by most other fitness trackers.

Jawbone is still selling the UP24 for $129.99 (and it looks like they're no longer listing the original UP on their website).

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